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I should have made this so much sooner but fuck it I don't care!

How does one sign up? I'll make it easy and post this here: http://www.mediafire.com/?5q5r2yxs7ykq3u7 Fill it out and send me your app in an email! Also be sure that you check out our facebook page: Socal Cosplay Chess and like us today :D HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE

Hey LJ, been a while~

Anime Conji. you are one interesting piece of work. I attended this con in the hopes of hosting 1 panel. Kicking it back, and spending time with friends and loved ones. The latter was easily done. The former. FUCK THAT!

This con basically came at me and said "Hey Matt. You enjoy your free time right?" "Well of course I do Anime Conji :D" "Great, great!! *DICK PUNCH* GIMME DAT FREE TIME! *swindle* BWAHAHAHA" I shall now explain my weekend in this report. Apologies for long rants or stupid and not entertaining talks haha.

Anime Conji A.K.A "Fault Con"Collapse )
Anime Conji. I look forward to coming back next year. And actually having one of those moments of "Hmmm... what should I do with ALL THIS FREE TIME???" The con did end on a good note and I was able to take care of a lot of things and have a good time overall. Can't wait for the next one, and definitely looking forward to Fanime :D


It's been a looooooooong time since I've wanted to hit the gym and just punch the walls till my knuckles bleed again.

.hack//LINK group at AM2

Alright so who's still interested, currently curious, or totally fucking wanting to do this group?

so far all I know for certain is I'm doing Xth form Kite, Julia is gunna be Hiiragi, Caitlin as Keyaki/Zelkova, Cody as Taika/Anteres, and my friend Justin as Xth form Haseo.

if anyone else wants in let me know! I'm keepin a list!!!! Epic group shall be epic and awesome!

also list of characters: http://dothack.wikia.com/wiki/Link#Characters

2011: the path of a man.

With a new year comes new things to learn. But what must never be forgotten is what makes you who you are now. 

A man is someone who stands up for what he feels is right, even when others may not look in the same way as he does.  A man keeps a level head. He does not allow his emotions to blind his judgement, but to help guide it down a straighter path.  A man will always hold his tongue out of respect.  A man looks out for others, despite they be friend, stranger, or foe.  A man will do what it takes to take care of those he loves, self sacrifice is sometimes necessary but the reward is greatest.  A man approaches a challenge with full intent of succeeding.  Doubts don't finish the job, only strong conviction.  A man carries a strong Body, a stern Mind, but a gentle Heart.  He should be able to survive the harshness of the world with brute force, solve the problems of his own and those around him if need be using sharp & swift intellect, and be able to tend to others with sensitivity and tenderness.

These are morals I have been taught, and life lessons people have shown me as well as rules I have adopted on my own to bring me to be the man I am now. I'm 21 years old in the new year, the year of the Rabbit. Ambition will lead towards amazing things for all of us.  With past endeavors it's time to once again grasp destiny with your souls set on fire! There's only going forward and no turning back.  LET THIS YEAR COME!!!!

Pokemon Cafe!

Day 3: 10-4 SHOW UP! ALL OF YOU!


Latest AMV

The Love of a Hero



12:00 PM - Arrival
1:00-1:30/1:45 - Small Meeting with someone
3:30-5:00 - SF High Panel
5:00-6:00 - CON GOING 101
6:00-???? - SF Photoshoot with Yaso and Possibly Crystal
then the rest of the con is caution to the wind.

only other things i have planned is Sat. Cosfest and cgl gathering

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